Event Over

Talent Show applications must be submitted by Sunday, August 24th at 11:59 PM


Can you juggle Pokeballs? Imitate Edward Elric? Recite every episode of Sailor Moon in order– backwards? Maybe you just learned a new JPop dance or enjoy writing your own music and performing it as well! Regardless of your talent, we invite you to participate in this year’s KuroKiiro Talent Show!

Always a highlight of the weekend, this is your opportunity to share your abilities with the rest of the community. In the past we’ve had singers, dancers, instrumentalists, comedians, actors and more! We love to highlight the amazing people who surround us, so if you’re interested in putting on a short performance be sure to sign up today!

All performers will be required to attend a short rehearsal the day of the performance and judges will be keeping an eye out at the show for one lucky participant to award “Best in Show,” which earns them a free badge to next year’s Tekko!

The Talent Show will be Held on Saturday.

Talent Show Application!