Event Over

The KuroKiiro Festival is happy to have the return of the RPG, CCG and Board Game room. Throughout the weekend we will be running table top gaming of all sorts. We will be hosting Yu Gi Oh, Pokemon, Card Fight Vanguard and Magic the Gathering events throughout the weekend. We will be posting news and information in the coming days.

KuroKiiro Festival RPG Room Games on Demand

Dungeon World: The Elemental Warriors Saga –
Darkness has overtaken the world. The Elemental Crystals have gone dark, snuffed out by marauding agents of Chaos. You are one of the Elemental Warriors forseen in prophecy, and it falls to you to save the world. Choose from Bard, Cleric, Druid, Fighter, Paladin, Princess, Ranger, Thief, or Wizard, restore the Elemental Crystals, and defeat the forces of Chaos. 3 – 5 players per session.

World Wide Wrestling: Tales From Top Rope High –
Welcome to Top Rope Physical Scholastic High School! Lesser students live and breathe to rally around the elite wrestling stars of the school. Powered by the mysterious outfits handed down from the shadowy principal, these students jockey for rank and status in over the top wrestling matches. You are one of the elite, and it’s up to you to make your mark on the school. Can you balance who you are in the ring with who you are outside of it? Do you have what it takes to wear Top Rope High’s Valedictory Champion’s Belt? 2 – 6 players per session.

Atlas Reckoning: “The Weight of the World is On Our Shoulders.” –
No one knows where they came from. Massive, horrifying, and intent on our erradication, the behemoth’s first rampage was stopped just long enough for humanity to form a counterattack plan. The Atlas Corps. As a Centurion in the Corps, it’s up to you and your synch partner to pilot your Atlas against the monsters at humanity’s door. Stand shoulder to shoulder with other mechs like Marauder Sunset and Aurora Rampart, and fight terrifying enemies like Tindalos, Skullface, and Dante. 2, 4, or 6 players per session.

List of board games:

Tanto Coure
For Sale
Forbidden Island
Forbidden Desert
Magical Athletes
Love Letter
The Resistance
Apples to Apples
Star Realms
Channel A
Cosmic Encounter
Elder Sign
King of Tokyo
Ticket to Ride